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​Welcome to Coverdale Angus


Coverdale Angus is a family owned and operated cattle producer located just a short drive northeast of Indianapolis in the town of Frankton Indiana. We focus on breeding cattle that will not only compete in the show ring but have long productive lives on pasture. Generations of cattle experience has taught us that fads will come and go, but the brood cow fundamentals of structural correctness, fleshing ease, and performance will always be in demand for the cattleman that markets his stock by the pound. We are able to meet a variety of different needs within the cattle industry. Whether your looking for the next addition to your show string, high quality breeding stock, or looking to fill your freezer with locally raised beef; we are happy to help. We are a nationally recognized Angus breeder, receiving Historic Herd Awards from both the national and state Angus associations. We were also fortunate enough to host a tour stop for the 2016 National Angus Tour. 

2016 Historic Herd Award

The Coverdale Family received the Historic Angus Herd Award from the American Angus Association in 2016

   The June 2016 Issue of the Angus Journal featured a Coverdale Angus calf on the cover.

Ariel image of Coverdale Angus taken spring of 2016

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