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Coverdale Angus Beef


For over 40 years the Coverdale Family has been selling freezer beef to our family and friends. Due to popular demand we are now expanding our freezer beef sales to the public. We have freezer beef available for purchase in the summer and fall. We currently offer the choice to buy beef by the whole, half, or quarter. Our beef is always of the highest quality and 100% natural as our cattle are pasture raised and grain finished with corn grown on our own farm. Our cattle are never implanted with hormones or fed growth promoting antibiotics. Buying freezer beef in bulk is cheaper than grocery store prices and you know the meat you get is locally raised.


Please Contact Clint at 317-363-4943, click Freezer Beef Questions, or visit our Online Butcher Shop for more details.


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Freezer Beef Questions

Freezer Beef Quesion

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the live weight of the animal so every individual is different. Ballpark figures based past average weights are  $2500 per whole, $1250 per half, and $625 per quarter of beef. This can vary +/-10% depending on the individual. This does not include processing. 

How much is processing?

Processing varies with every individual based on weight, and how the beef is cut/ packaged. Because everyone is able to get their beef cut to their specific needs we are unable to give exact processing prices. However, as a general rule we tell customers to plan on $1100 per whole, $550 per half, and $300 per quarter for processing. 

How much beef do I get?

Again this varies with every individual and how the meat is cut. Some animals just have more meat than others do. The cattle we sell will average between 1200 and 1300 pounds live weight. Therefore, in terms of take home meat one can expect to get around 500 lbs per whole, 250 lbs per half, and 125 lbs per quarter.

What cuts do I get? 

Here is a list of the common cuts one would expect from a half of beef. So for a whole just multiply these totals by 2 and for a quarter divide all these totals by 2.
14 T-bone steaks (3/4” thick)

14 rib steaks (3/4”)

8  sirloin steaks (3/4”)

8  round steaks (3/4”)

2  sirloin tip roasts (3 lbs.)

6  chuck roasts (4 lbs.)

4  arm roasts (3 lbs.)

2  rump roasts (3 lbs.)

8  packages of stew beef (1 lb.)

4  packages of short ribs (1.5 lbs.)  

4  packages of soup bones (1.5 lbs.)

80-100  lbs. gound beef
(Variety meats, if desired, such as heart, liver, tongue, and oxtail)

These are a few of the most common questions we receive. If you have a question that is not on the list feel free to contact Clint at 317-363-4943.

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